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Neutral Good Outlander young adult male Dusk (Wood) Elf
Order Cleric 1 / Satire Bard 5 / Celestial Patron Warlock 2 / Wild Magic Sorcerer 1

picture of man in scale armor

Dhrun is a dusk elf who grew up under the leadership of his Kasimir Velikov. Although most dusk elves, like their wood elf cousins, are agile and stealthy, Kasimir instead encouraged Dhrun into athletic and manly pursuits: racing, hunting, wrestling, armor smithing, and forceful song and oration. Dusk elves are able to grow facial hair, and Dhrun was encouraged to wear a handsome full beard.

picture of shield with raven heraldic symbol

Dhrun was also raised with vague reverence toward the Raven Queen. Kasimir was frustratingly enigmatic about actual theological or ritual training. Instead, Dhrun was challenged through philosophy and debate about how the elven elevation of mutability, change, and reincarnation could compliment and coexist with a destined and predictable afterlife for other races. Dhrun tries to live with neither rigor nor chaos. He has a regimen for diet and exercise, yet makes no daily plans. He is loyal yet carefree. He cares little about legality yet avoids immorality.

picture of shield with corellon heraldic symbol

As elves measure age Dhrun is nearing maturity with eighty years. His trances are still filled with memories of past lives, never his own personal history. He recently discovered that he is a "Blessed of Corellon", a fact that Kasimir must have known all along. He began adventuring to keep this secret from the dusk elves loyal to Count Strahd van Zarovich, who would eventually notice if he stayed in their settlement.

Dhrun had an encounter with something in the Abbey of Saint Markovia, above Krezk. He gained some connection to the upper planes. He is otherwise ignorant about his Celestial patron.

Dhrun recently had an encounter with something connected to Alathrien Druanna that inused him with chaogic conjuration magic. When grappling he now manifests the "Skin of Alathrien Druanna" in various ways.

During combat Dhrun prefers to enable the other party members to attack more often and reliably, move faster, and stay healthy. He really enjoys grappling foes and holding them in the area-of-effect spells cast by the party's Druid. Out of combat he helps with expertise in Perception, and by buffing skill use.

Dhrun can also do his own attacks: using Guiding Bolt for maximal effect, or his Warlock cantrips to conserve spell slots.

Dhrun has expertise in the skills Athletics and Perception. His non-proficient skills receive a +2 bonus from Jack of All Trades. His magic Sentinel Shield gives him advantage on Initiative and Perception checks. When possible, before combat he casts Enhance Ability on himself to give him advantage on his Athletics checks to grapple or shove. Dhrun speaks Common and Elven.

Strength 16 (+3)
Saving Throw +6
Athletics +11
Dexterity 10 (0)
Saving Throw +3
Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth +3
Thieves' Tools +5
Constitution 15 (+2)
Saving Throw +5
Intelligence 10 (0)
Saving Throw +3
History, Investigation, Religion +5
Arcana, Nature +3
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Saving Throw +8
Perception +9
Passive Perception 19
Insight, Medicine, Survival +6
Animal Handling +4
Charisma 14 (+2)
Saving Throw +9
Intimidation +7
Deception, Performance, Persuasion +5

Proficiency Bonus: +4

Hit Points: 61 (Hit Dice 8d8 + 1d6)

Armor Class: 20 (Split Armor, Shield, Blessing)

Initiative Bonus: +3

Movement Rate: 35'

Spell slots: 4 first / 3 second / 3 third / 1 fourth

Pact magic slots: 2 first

Grapple/Shove at +11 to hit

Warlock spell attack bonus is +6 to hit

Each non-cantrip spell targeting an ally allows that ally to use his or her reaction to make a weapon attack.

May grant two bardic inspiration dice (d8, 10 min) per short rest.

Celestial healing dice: 2d6 per long rest.

As a bonus action can tumble to do both Dash and Disengage, with climbing speed and safer falling.

Eldrich Invocations: Misty Visions, Devil's Sight

Background Traits

Trait: I absently pick things up and fiddle with them. Sometimes I break them.

Ideal: Life has constant change.

Bond: It is my duty to provide children to sustain my tribe.

Flaw: I love wine and ale too much.


Dhrun gains a +1 bonus to saving throws and ability checks (included above) from his Stone of Good Luck.

The Beacon of Argynvost grants Dhrun another +1 bonus to saving throws and a +1 bonus to AC (included above) while in Barovia.

Dhrun gains yet another +1 bonus to saving throws (included above) from the Skin of Alathrien Druanna. Also, Dhrun's grapples have alternating effects from Order and Chaos. When enhanced by order they deal an extra 3d6 damage similar to Evard's Black Tentacles. When enhanced by chaos other stuff happens.

Spells Known

Higher spell slots add d6 to Burning Hands, d4 to Healing Word, d6 to Guiding Bolt, better Armor of Agathys, or more allies to Longstrider.

b = bonus action, c = concentration required

Cleric cantrips: Guidance d4 (c 1 min), Resistance d4 (c 1 min), Virtue d4+1 (1 round)

Bard cantrips: Mage Hand (1 minute), Message, Prestidigitation

Celestial patron cantrips: Light (1 hour), Sacred Flame 2d8 (60')

Warlock cantrips: Eldrich Blast 2 beams (each d10, 120'), Booming Blade +d8 and 2d8 for moving

Sorcerer cantrips: Minor Illusion, Mending, Chill Touch 2d8, Sword Burst 2d6

L1 Cleric spells: Shield of Faith +2 AC (b, c 10 min), Detect Magic (c 10 min)

L1 Bard spells: Healing Word d4+1 (b), Longstrider (1 hour), Disguise Self (1 hour)

L1 Warlock spells: Guiding Bolt 4d6, Armor of Agathys (1 hour), Comprehend Languages

L1 Sorcerer spells: Shield, Burning Hands 3d6

L2 Bard spells: Lesser Restoration, Enhance Ability (c 1 hour), Knock, Silence (c 10 min)

L3 Bard spells: Leomund's Tiny Hut (8 hours)


Proficient with simple weapons, wood elf weapons (longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow), shields, all armor, music instruments of pipes and flutes, and thieves' tools.

Splint armor, Sentinel Shield, Stone of Good Luck, Pipes of Haunting

Silvered longsword he never uses (+6 to hit for 1d8+3 damage)

Explorer's pack, holy symbol, hunting trap, mess kit, bull's eye lantern, wax

10 gp