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Hobbies—My Games
The Four In A Row Game

This card game was invented to help romances develop and to encourage kind communication. Besides these rules, players need one deck of playing cards.

This card game was invented in 1992 and tested by myself and Jennifer.


Shuffle one deck of normal playing cards.

The two people sit side by side, because much of the point of a romantic card game is that sometimes you do not want to sit across from someone. It also works if one person sits in the other's lap.

Each person is dealt four cards, which are held so both players can see them. The rest of the deck is set in a face down pile where both can reach it.

Game Play

On each turn, the player takes one card, either from the other's cards or from the top card of the deck. If you have trouble holding many cards in one hand, try separating the "fan" into two halves and putting one behind the other.

The first player to get four in a row of one suit (Aces can be high or low but not both) or four of the same kind (four Aces, four 2's, etc.) wins.

The game is most entertaining when neither player is at their most alert. It helps to keep a conversation going, "above" the game. Or play when both people are somewhat tired.

Tickling is discouraged.