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Lorewyn in Rustbolt, on Mechagon Island

A small dwarf, from the cold mountains of Ironforge,
climbs atop a steam vent to take in sun and hills of Mechagon Island.


General Mythic+


Paladin Guides

General Tanking Guides


Horrific Visions

Vision of Destiny

Wratheon (Dragon)

Tank swap at 2 stacks of Searing Armor. Don't stand in front of the dragon, or behind it. Run from the group when you have Incineration. Dodge stuff for Gale Blast. Run with the group during Burning Cataclysm.

Before we start, which 3 speedy DPS players have the job of catching falling Scales and and destroying shards, while the rest attack the adds?

Maut (Annihilator)

Tank swap at 3 stacks of Shadow Wounds. Don't stand in front of the boss. Run from the group when you have Devour Magic, but step into the pools to survive Stygian Annihilation. Tank adds into pools to interrupt their casts. DPS focus on adds. Run away from Dark Manifestation.

Before we start, which 2 speedy DPS players have the job of taking turns running to soak Forbidden Ritual balls, while the rest of us stack?

Prophet Skitra (Matching Game)

Tank swap at 6 stacks of Shadow Shock. Run from the group when you have Shred Psyche, then after the add's 2-second cast DPS leaves boss to focus the add.

Before we start, which 1 speedy DPS player has the job of marking the ground to show which images he or she can see? Get raid leader.

Halls of Devotion

Shad'har (Doggy!)

Tank swap during casts of Crush/Dissolve so each tank gets only one kind of debuff. Don't stand in front of the boss. Run from the group when kiting a Living Misasma add, poke it at edge of island. Dodge spits and swirls, and in phase three when we all stack together avoid subtle bubble patches. Save big cooldowns for phase three.

Before we start, which several DPS players have the job of taking turns each soaking one Entropic Buildup pudde?

Drest'agath (Boss Immune)

Only can hurt boss with Void Infused Ichor buff gained by touching dark pool around killed tentacles. Tanks will bring Volatile Seed to weaken tentacles. Watch from safe distance for seed to explode, then focus that tentacle. Let DPS players with big cooldown ready claim dark pools.

Focus adds after your turn with Void Infused Ichor buff. Kill tentacles first, then eye stalks, then maws. Interrupt Mind Flays of eye stalks. Run away from Entropic Crashes around boss and tentacles

So DPS priority is track seed explosion -> that tentacle -> get pool and boss if big cooldown ready -> tentacles -> eye stalks -> maws.

Avoid floor stuff, dodge moving icky stuff, avoid beams. Run from the group when you have Mutterings of Insanity.

The Hivemind (Positioning)

One tank per boss. Tek'ris in control means bring bosses together. Ka'zir in control means keep bosses apart. Interrupt Ka'zir's Mind-Numbing Nova. Kill both bosses within 10 seconds.

Don't stand in front of Tek'ris. Run from the group when you have Echoing Void. Avoid floor stuff, dodge rolly bugs. Otherwise stack so untankable drones can be AoEd.

DPS priority is transmogified drone -> low health drones -> highly bufed drones -> darters -> dones -> bosses.

Before we start, which 2 speedy DPS players have the job of CCing darters?

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh (Soccer Game)

Tank swap at 1 stack of Abyssal Strike. Run from and kite your Soul Flay evil twin. Move with the group to avoid Torment floor wedges.

Before we start, which 3 speedy DPS players have the job of catching playing soccer, while the rest attack the adds?

Gift of Flesh

Vexiona (Other Dragon)

The tank on dragon gains Void Corruption, keep that tank healthy during Despair and tank use cooldown. Other tank will kite Void Ascendant while luring cultists to dragon, and will need dispel of eventual Annihilation beam. Only the tank with most Void Corruption picks up Gift of the Void orbs.

Don't stand in front of the dragon. In phase three avoid three casts of Twilight Decimator each washing one third of floor. Save big cooldowns for phase three when we stack on dragon. Run with the group during Heart of Darkness.

Before we start, which 2 speedy DPS players have the job of kicking Spellbound Ritualists casting Void Bolt?

Ra-Den the Despoiled (Volleyball and Laser Tag)

Tank swap after Nullifying Strike (phase 1, be healthy when boss nears full energy) and Decaying Strike (phase 2, be hurt when boss nears full energy). Other tank brings adds to boss. Stack on boss but focus adds and move farther from tanks when Void Hunter add appears.

Two flavors of orbs appear, take turns for which to kill. Save big cooldowns for phase two. Don't take boss below 40% if orbs active. Run far from partner to break Charged Bond lightning tether.

Before we start, which 5 speedy DPS players have the job of passing Unstable Void blobs that move the way you face when intercepted?

Also before we start, which 4 speedy DPS players have the job of playing Unstable Vita laser tag in corners of room?

Finally, before we start, which 1 DPS player calls out which orb to focus as we take turns?

Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn

Tank swap at 2 stacks of Eye of N'Zoth beam. Don't stand in front of the boss. Run from the group when you have Corruptor's Gaze and kite its sky laser to minimize icky floor mess.

Each phase two only one organ gets damaged. But everyone interrupt all three organs. All do Pumping Blood casts. These make adds named Blood of Ny'alotha that fixate, must be kited, and hurt everyone when finally killed. Also run from the group when you have Cursed Blood.

Before we start, which 1 DPS player calls out which organ to focus each phase two? By the way, killed organ locations are great places to take Corruptor's Gaze for making floor mess.

My Interface


I play left-handed, using the numeric keypad, with my extra mouse button set to be the CTRL key.


/cleartarget [dead]
/castsequence [mod:shift] Cooking; [mod:ctrl] Divine Shield; [spec:3] Divine Storm; [@mouseover,help,spec:1][spec:1] Flash of Light; [@mouseover,help,nodead][] Light of the Protector


/cleartarget [dead]
/cast [mod:shift] Cooking Fire; [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help,nodead][mod:ctrl] Lay on Hands; [spec:3] Templar's Verdict; [spec:1] Light of Dawn; Consecration
/run UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/use 13


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/castsequence [mod:shift] Surf Jelly; [mod:ctrl,spec:1] Consecration; [spec:1] Judgment; [@mouseover,harm,nodead,mod:ctrl][mod:ctrl] Hand of Reckoning; Avenging Wrath


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [mod:ctrl] Stoneform; [mod:shift] Hyper-Compressed Ocean; [@mouseover,help,nodead,spec:1][spec:1] Holy Shock;  Judgment
/cast [spec:2,combat] Shield of the Righteous


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [mod:ctrl] Ardent Defender; [nocombat,noflying,group] Obsidian Nightwing;[nocombat,noflying] Squeakers, the Trickster; [nospec:2] Crusader Strike;Hammer of the Righteous


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [mod:ctrl,spec:2] Guardian of Ancient Kings; [@mouseover,help,nodead,spec:1][spec:1] Light of the Martyr; [spec:2] Avenger's Shield; Blade of Justice


/cast [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help,nodead,spec:1][mod:ctrl,spec:1] Cleanse; [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help,nodead][mod:ctrl] Cleanse Toxins;[mod:shift] Enchanting; [nocombat] Fishing; [spec:1] Divine Protection; [@mouseover,harm,exists][] Rebuke


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help,nodead,nospec:3][mod:ctrl,nospec:3] Blessing of Sacrifice; [mod:shift] Disenchant; [nocombat] Grand Expedition Yak; [@mouseover,harm,exists][] Hammer of Justice


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [mod:ctrl,@mouseover,help,nodead][mod:ctrl] Blessing of Protection; [@mouseover,help,nodead,combat] Blessing of Freedom; Divine Steed

For the Retribution specialization, Wake of Ashes is used by the 6 key instead of the macro above. Also, there is not enough room in a single macro for my 5 key to also work for the Retribution specialization, so that spec must have its own macro for that key.

/castsequence [mod:ctrl] Shield of Vengeance; [flying] Contemplation; [combat] reset=4 Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike, Crusader Strike; [party] Obsidian Nightwing; Highlord's Golden Charger

I also have a macro to congratulate guildmates. You can personalize it however you wish.

/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument("Congrats message 1","Congrats message 2","Congrats message 3"),"GUILD")

System Settings

These two commands remove the floating combat numbers. Change the final 0s to 1s to restore them.

/console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 0
/console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 0

I also remove class colors from friendly health bars.

/console ShowClassColorInFriendlyNameplate 0

I am experimenting with one more interface setting.

/console rawMouseEnable 0




I use the addon Bartender to make the ability button bars at the bottom of the screen faded except when moused-over, in combat, or with a target. I also arrange them into a grid with positions matching the numeric keypad.

I built off the work of soxism, setting bars to "Fade Out" with 0.2 alpha (and no other boxes checked) and then use the following custom condition:

[target=target, exists]show;fade:20

I also use Bartender to shrink the action bar that normally appears vertically at the far right edge of the screen, and move it horizontally under the chat pane.

Premade Groups Filter and Raider.io

Premade Groups Filter is very convenient. I can check boxes to say, "Show the the Mythic+ dungeon groups that already have a healer but do not yet have a tank."

Raider.io gives me some guestimate about how to start friendly chat. Should I be asking for advice on the route and other tips? Should be offer to change my talent from Final Stand which helps more capable groups to Hand of the Protector to help the healer?



For the addon Plater, I built off the work of Tericoo. My settings are exported here.

In "General Settings", turn on stacking nameplates if needed.

I adjust the NPC health bars and cast bars to 100 pixel width, with out of combat height only 1 pixel tall. This makes it easy to see NPCs without cluttering the screen, and when doing Call to Arms quests differentiates NPCs from Horde players.

I sometimes turn off buff tracking (set the check mark to "manual" with nothing in the text box) when using the Protection specialization.

I get rid of a lot of the tiny percentages, enemy levels, and other little clutter.


I use the addon WeakAuras 2 with Protection specialization because I have a single key use both Judgment and Shield of the Righteous. Every now and then I should slightly delay using Judgment so I do not waste my active mitigation. A yellow arc that shows my mitigation is active changes to red to warn me that I could cast Judgment but should wait a second. My settings are exported here.

I also use the all-in-one Mythix+ Affix tracker weakaura created by Minnah.

I also use the all-in-one Horrific Vision tracker weakaura created by Fatpala.

Deadly Boss Mods

Earlier in the expansion I used this addon without any customization.

Weekly Checklist

✓ open Mythic+ and PvP chests

□ Malefic Core

✓ fill Island Expedition bar

✓ Major N'Zoth Assault week-long

✓ Minor N'Zoth Assault Tues 7am to Fri 7pm

□ Minor N'Zoth Assault Fri 7pm to Mon

□ Against Overwhelming Odds

□ Call to Arms ×4

□ PvP Brawl?

□ Weekend Event?

□ Heroic Darkshore?

□ Vision of Destiny

□ Halls of Devotion

□ Gift of Flesh

□ The Waking Dream