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Pathfinder—Blessing Cards

I created the following dozen "Blessing Cards" to use before a climactic Pathfinder combat.

Each card is usable only once. The blessings expire at the end of the day or when the PCs leave the dungeon. The blessings are intended to be more resources to strategically spend, allowing the GM to plan a more dangerous and dramatic encounter.

The first time I used them was as the GM for Legacy of Fire. I changed the lower levels of the volcanic dungeon named The House of the Beast to more dramatically depict an ancient site used by fire-genies to worship the deity of travesties and insects. The PCs had an opportunity to cleanse one room from obviously evil religious taint. Doing so allowed their good patron deity to grant them these blessings.

Change a missed attack roll to a hit (not critical.) Change an attack roll that hit (not critical) to a miss. Instead of rolling any die, use the result of 19.
Instead of rolling dice, pass a Fortitude saving throw. Instead of rolling dice, pass a Reflex saving throw. Instead of rolling dice, pass a Will saving throw.
Use a standard action to fully heal the hit points of someone else you touch. Gain a move action after slaying a foe. Gain a standard action after slaying a foe of CR ≥ level
An action that would fumble does not. An action that would provoke an Attack of Opportunity does not. An action that would require a Concentration Check does not.