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Dude, I have given everything.

Premade Groups Filter Options

and (mythicplus)
and (noid)
and ( tanks > 0 or heals > 0 )
and ( riokey5plus >= 1 )
and ( not declined )
and ( pf or dos or hoa or mots or sd or soa or nw or top)

Necrotic Wake

Avoid both Zolramus Gatekeeper and first Pride will spawn before Blightbone. Go up stairs with 31% trash count so second Pride spawns before Nar'zudah pack, and third Pride after patrolling Skeletal Monstrosity.

Avoid packs to only fight the two right before Amarth and have 69% trash count. No other choices.

Magic Dispel: Nalthor the Rimebinder "frozen binds" after everyone else far away

Soothe: Stitched Vanguard "seething rage", Amarth "unholy frenzy", Loyal Creation "vengeful rage"

Spires of Ascension

First Pride will spawn before Kin-Tara. Head left avoidng the pack in the far left corner. Second Pride will spawn after second pack on next platform, third Pride after finishing subsequent platform.

After avoiding foes on immense stars, fight at top of stairs and go right. Avoid central foes. Fourth pride will spawn after pack to right. After Oryphrion get northern wimpy foes behind him for 88% trash count. No other choices.

Magic Dispel: Forsworn Catogator "burden of knowledge" (save kicks for "rebellious fist" and "dark lash"), Kin-Tara "dark lance", Etherdiver "insidious venom", Forsworn Justicar "forced confession"

Soothe: none


Head right, skip the second Pestilent Harvester group, first Pride sawns before Globgrog. Fight trash and the second Pride so you arrive at the first Slime Tentacle with 50% trash count.

Third Pride will spawn on third island, not right before Doctor Ickus. Fight one tentacle and the large pack on the central island. Fourth Pride will again spawn after second-to-last trash before boss. Be at 85% before heading down. No other choices.

Magic Dispel: Plaguebinder "gripping infection", Doctor Ickus "slime injection"

Soothe: none

Theater of Pain

After first boss go towards Xav and second Pride will spawn before his fight. Then go towards Kul'tharok. Do not skip any Shackled Souls, use right then left portal choices and avoiding foes on sides of platforms. Third pride spawns on first big platform.

Fight Kul'tharok at 71% trash count. Finally go towards Gorechop. Avoid patrolling Rancid Gasbag. Final pride spawns before Gorechop. No other choices.

Magic Dispel: Maniacal Soulbinder "soul corruption", Kul'tharok "phantasmal parasite"

Soothe: Raging Bloodhorn "raging tantrum", some of Xav's champions use "battle trance"

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Spawn the first Pride after the second Tiernen Villager and second Pride after the pair of Drust Boughbreakers. The third Pride will spawn in the maze.

If the maze causes the fourth Pride to spawn after the first pack of Spinemaw bugs, then the left path while carefully avoiding the patrolling pair of Spinemaw Reavers causes the final Pride will spawn right before engaging Tred'ova.

Magic Dispel: Drust Spiteclaw "dying breath" (ideally purge it off dying foe), Drust Soulcleaver "soul split" (wait for both to cast it), Mistveil Stinger "anima injection"

Soothe: Misveil Defender "enrage"

De Other Side

Work clockwise, skipping the Zul'Gurub section for a bit, so the first Pride spawns with the two Risen Warlords in front of the entrance to the Mechagon section. Return to the Zul'Gurub section and the second Pride spawns just before Hakkar.

Return to Mechagon. The third Pride spawns just before the Manastorms. Get the Risen Bonesoldier and Skeletal Raptor before the Ardenweald section's entrance. Finish up the dungeon's trash and final two Prides before Dealer Xy'exa.

Magic Dispel: Atal'ai Hodoo Hexxer "hex" (save interrupts for heals), Mueh'zala "cosmic artifice"

Soothe: Risen Warlord "undying rage", cannot soothe Enraged Spirit desipite its name

Halls of Atonement

Start on the right side and the first Pride will spawn just before the Shard of Halkias and its Depraved Collector. On the left side fight only the group with the second Shard of Halkias. The second Pride spawns after going down the nearby stairs.

Avoid pulling the dredgers and hound trio near the third Shard of Halkias so the third Pride spawns after the trash standing before Halkias. After moving up the stairs to the left fight so the fourth Prides right before engaging Echelon. No other choices.

If below +10, have 77% trash before engaging Echelon (or 80% if you are skipping the cathedral flunkies).

Magic Dispel: Deparved Obliterator "curse of obliteration", Stoneborn Reaver/Eviscerator "stony veins" before 10 stacks, Echelon "stone-shattering leap"

Soothe: Vicious Gorgons "loyal beasts", Shard of Halkias "thrash"

Sanguine Depths

In the room with three ticks, wait for patrol timing to skip all foes. First Pride spawns before Kryxis. Do fight the avoidable foes in the next rooms so second Pride spawns before Head Custodian.

Fight first pack clockwise, then counterclockwise. Approach Executor Tarvold with 70% trasch count. Fourth Pride will spawn in between bridge fights before the gauntlet. No other choices.

Magic Dispel: none

Soothe: Frenzied Ghoul "frenzy"


Great dungeon guides: videos by Hazelnutty and illustrated explanations by Mythic Trap and Tank Notes

A schedule and explaination of this week's Mythic+ affixes, and which dungeons these make hardest.

Dratnos's weeky Mythic+ routes and videos.

The chart by Spherchip of notable curse/disease/poison effects to dispel and cure.

Which talent builds are most popular for Mythic + dungeons?

The keywords used in the addon Premade Groups Fiter


Weedie at WoW Armory and Raider IO

Kyrian sanctum guide, Path of Ascension mini-game guide, and mission table advice.

Maw events and rares guide


A Reddit user named RainGhost posted a long introduction to the new in-game controller support. Here is my summary.

Beware! Enabling controller support will mess up your keybinds. You can reconfigure them. But if this will wreck your life, do not proceed.

Enable controller support.

/console GamePadEnable 1

Turn on the cursor that will hover slightly above the center of the screen. (You do get used to it.)

/console GamePadCursorCentering 1

Set the left shoulder buttons to be CTRL and the right shoulder button to be SHIFT.

/console GamePadEmulateCtrl PADLSHOULDER
/console GamePadEmulateShift PADRSHOULDER

Set the left trigger button to be left-click (which is seldom needed) and the right shoulder button to be right-click.

/console GamePadCursorLeftClick PADLTRIGGER
/console GamePadCursorRightClick PADRTRIGGER

(Patch 9.1 apparently changed these - now use the keybinds in the "target" section of keybinds for "Interact with Mouseover" and "Interact with Target".)

The "Back" controller button should work like the Escape key to close in-game windows. If it does not, use this command.


Then go into your keybinds and set the various controller buttons and button-combinations how you wish.

My action bar is very clean.

action bar

The keybinds that work best for me are:
Back button - (leave this as ESC key)
Press left joystick in - place skull symbol on target
Press right joystick in - (leave this as centering the camera)
Left shoulder button with press right joystick in - zoom in camera
Right shoulder button with press right joystick in - zoom out camera
Left shoulder button with press in left joystick - action bar spot #10 with macro named Trinket, see below
Left shoulder button with start button - toggle viewing quest list and map
Right shoulder button with start button - toggle viewing all bags
Up Arrow - target next enemy
Down Arrow - step backwards
Left Arrow - action bar spot #11 with Kyrian potion
Right Arrow - action bar spot #12 with macro named Potion, see below
A button - (leave this as jump)
Left shoulder button with A button - action bar spot #5 with macro named Morph, see below
Right shoulder button with A button - action bar spot #6 with macro named Move, see below
X button - action bar spot #1 with macro named Tank1, see below
Y button - action bar spot #2 with macro named Tank2, see below
B button - action bar spot #3 with macro named Tank3, see below


Taunt and Trinket

/cleartarget [dead]
/castsequence reset=combat Torment, Consume Magic
/use [combat] 13


/cleartarget [dead]
/cast [nocombat] Grand Expedition Yak; Spiritual Healing Potion


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [combat,@player] Metamorphosis; Fishing


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [spec:1] Fel Rush; [@cursor] Infernal Strike


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/castsequence [mod:ctrl] Immolation Aura; [mod:shift][nocombat] Throw Glaive; Shear


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/cast [mod:shift] Fel Devastation; [mod:ctrl] Fiery Brand; [combat ] Soul Cleave; Red Flying Cloud
/use [combat] Demon Spikes


/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/castsequence [mod:shift,@player] reset=30 Sigil of Silence, Sigil of Misery; [mod:ctrl,@player] reset=10 Elysian Decree, Sigil of Flame; [nocombat] Imprison; Disrupt

I also have three main macros for the Havoc specialization.

Command Line Stuff

These two commands remove the floating combat numbers. Change the final 0s to 1s to restore them.

/console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 0/console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 0

I also remove class colors from friendly health bars.

/console ShowClassColorInFriendlyNameplate 0

If you wish, keep friendly names but remove the friendly health bars.

/console nameplateShowOnlyNames 1

You can make the entire game interface slightly transparent. In this example 0.8 means 80% solidity.

/run UIParent:SetAlpha(0.8);

This command is handy as a macro when doing world PvP.

/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument("On Me!"),"PARTY")

These commands restore raid frames. Some addons remove them and do not restore them when the addon is removed.

/run EnableAddOn("Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames")
/run EnableAddOn("Blizzard_CUFProfiles")

These commands restore enemy health bars. Some addons remove them and do not restore them when the addon is removed.

/console nameplateShowOnlyNames 0

These commands restore the personal resource display. Some addons remove them and do not restore them when the addon is removed.

/run SetCVar("nameplateShowSelf", 1)
/run SetCVar("nameplateSelfAlpha", 1)
/run SetCVar("NameplatePersonalShowInCombat", 1)

Finally, here a command that displays the Great Vault without needing to stand in front of it.

/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_WeeklyRewards"); WeeklyRewardsFrame:Show()