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Real Stuff

One Year Bible, Oswald Chambers, Story Games, Register Guard, NewsMap, blog (new and old posts)
Google mail, groups, movies, drive, documents, analytics, maps, Picasa photos, news, plus, contacts, keep, and calendar
Fidelity (sector news, ETFs), OCCU, Citi cards, AsiFlex, PatientConnection, and Amazon (e-books)
LCC (E-mail, storage, e-books), Library (log in, e-books, bus) & Recreation (log in), Camping (blog)
no-burn alerts, weather, more weather, weather alerts, allergen levels

Favorite Blogs and Comics

P. D. and Cristyn, Nathen Lester, Sarah, CaySwann, Heather and Shamus, Sarah K, James Rummel, Steven D. B., Jen Yates
Dilbert, Baby Blues, Six Chix, Close to Home, PvP, xkcd, OOtS, (Favorite Completed Webcomics), (Adblock Plus for Firefox)


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