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If you are looking for my list of math games, go here.

Welcome to Math 20!

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Our syllabus with homework, practice tests, rubrics, and calendar is here.

Our class CRN is 30092. Please also register for MRC use (CRN 34252 in Fall 2014) if you plan to use the Math Resource Center at all, for drop-in tutoring, online tutoring, its quiet study room, computer room, or to check out the DVDs provided by our textbook publisher. This CRN costs nothing and has no credits. It is used by the college to get appropriate state funding for the MRC staff. During the Fall Term the MRC is open from 8:30 am to 3:20 pm on Mondays through Fridays, and also from 6:00 pm to 8:20 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Learning this math is like a chair that stands on four legs: turning lectures into helpful lecture notes, carefully doing both "prompt" and "enough" homework problems, developing good test-taking techniques, and preparing your own step-by-step practice problems and answers. Neglecting any of these four is dangerous! Please do not demonstrate such recklessness. Successful students make time for all four.

You can see your grades for the chapters 1 to 4 (review).

You can see your grades for the chapters 5 and 6 (ratio and percent).

You can see your grades for the chapters 8 and 9 (measurement and geometry).

You can see your attendance so far, but it is not graded.

Study Skills

A key part of having a strong math foundation is adopting the study skills that make efficient and productive math learners.

Study Skills

Also see LCC's poster PDF Tips for Success and the textbook's study tips.

I also recommend two nice video series. The first is by Stephen Chew of Samford University, and discusses study skills in general. The second is by Jessica Bernards of Portland Community College and Mark DeSmet of Cabrillo College, and is specific to studying math.

Online Lecture Notes


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Ratio, Rate, and Proportion

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You might be interested in the Math 25 course descrption and its workbook which has not yet been converted to web pages.

I have also had math students who have passed my basic math classes visit my office hours to ask for help with factoring or extra practice with word problems.

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