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Our syllabus describes the class calendar, homework, practice tests, rubrics, and other important information.

Mastering new math ideas ultimately involves changing how we think and practicing thinking critically. These have been called the two keys to student success.

Therefore the process of learning our math topics is like a chair that stands on four legs: turning lectures into helpful lecture notes, dilligently doing both "prompt" and "enough" homework problems, developing good test-taking techniques, and rehearsing careful step-by-step work on practice tests. Neglecting any of these four is dangerous! Please do not demonstrate such recklessness. Successful students make time for all four.

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You can see your grades for the review days.

You can see your grades for chapters 5 and 6 (ratio and percent).

You can see your grades for chapters 8 and 9 (measurement and geometry).

You can see your overall grades so far. Remember that "Percent of Maximum Possible" counts how much of the possible points you have, and is much more a measure of work completed than an estimate of your eventual overall grade.

Study Skills

A key part of having a strong math foundation is adopting the study skills that make efficient and productive math learners.

Study Skills

Three essays I wrote for my sons may also be helpful disccsions about motivation, changing habits, and how to be a chooser even when reactive.

Also see LCC's poster PDF Tips for Success, the LCC testing office page of study tips, and the textbook's study tips.

I also recommend two nice video series. The first is by Stephen Chew of Samford University, and discusses study skills in general. The second is by Jessica Bernards of Portland Community College and Mark DeSmet of Cabrillo College, and is specific to studying math.

Math 20 Online Lecture Notes

math 20 syllabus



• Homework, Syllabus Quiz, and CLO Assignment Due •

topic break swirl left Test One topic break swirl right

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion


• Homework and Notes Due •

topic break swirl left Test Two topic break swirl right



• Homework and Notes Due •

topic break swirl left Test Three topic break swirl right

When you are ready, you can start trying Practice Final Exams.

Math 25 Online Lecture Notes

math 25 syllabus

The List of Big Questions

Math 25 is primarily group discussion about this list of big questions that involve practical applications and important life skills.

There is also a list of small questions that offers bite-size practice with these new ideas.

All these problems can be answered using only the concepts and skills from the above Math 20 topics. However, the following top secret information can help find some of the answers more quickly and elegantly.


Ratio, Rate, and Proportion




When you are ready, you can try the practice midterm or practice final.

Note: the practice midterm is not yet a randomly generated web page, unlike all the other tests.

My most amusing handout is about the dangerous world of 16th century algebra.

A few obscure topics are discussed in my old Math 25 workbook as it was before I converted it into web pages.

I have also had math students who have passed my basic math classes visit my office hours to ask for help with factoring or extra practice with word problems.