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Nine Powers Stories

An Argle Came to Visit

Part One—Party Time

Yesterday Yrim and Funor had stood guard at the gated cave that was the main entrance to Dweorghome. Today it was their turn to walk through the nearby forest and look for things strange or dangerous.

The day was warm. The forest was cheerful.

"Ah! I like to stretch my legs. I prefer patrol to standing," said Yrim.

"Sh! Do you hear that?" asked Funor.

Yrim stood still and listened. "It sounds like whistling!" he said.

The two Dweorgs hid behind a large rock and waited to see who was making the noise.

Soon they saw a Argle pushing a wheelbarrow full of clay pots. The Slarge was happy and whistling. It also had keen eyes. It was the Dweorgs peeking out from behind the rock.

"Hi, friends!" called the Argle. "I come to visit. I have food for a party."

"It talks!" said Yrim to Funor.

"Stop walking and put your hands on your head," said Funor to the Slarge.

Argles were monsters. They looked like giant lizards that could stand up. They used crude tools and spoke to each other with hisses and grunts. They hunted Dweorgs. They ate Dweorgs.

They did not talk the Dweorg language, or come to visit.