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Nine Powers Stories

The Key to Riches

The Key
to Riches


Chapter One: A Village of Trouble and Hope

Our Hero

Block/Dodge 2

Perception/Escape 4

Acrobatics/Climb 2

Shoot/Throw 4

Melee/Bravado 4

Wrestle/Disarm 1

Phantasmography 4

Stealth/Track 3

Identify/Lore 3

Bargain/Wonder 2

Disguise/Etiquette 3

Animals/Wilderness 3

Intuition/Hearthwork 1

Alchemy 1

Chemstry 1

Machinery 1

Transmutery 1

The Intuition/Hearthwork talent rating is 1
as appropriate to the Unseemly race,
granting fast talking a +1 bonus and
one-hour duration.

As an Unseemly, our hero can sometimes
turn invisible, and can use Phantasmography.


Text goes here.

Pin #1 - The roads around the village are troubled by disappearing travelers. The cause is a popular Kobalt Warrior named Railey the Clever. With the help of a half-dozen friends he has collected five kidnapped captives, and seeks more to earn the status of Captain. The distressed village has offered rewards for information about the missing travelers and for ending the threat. One villager is a Bergtroll named Viczoria who crafts magical lenses; she will lend reputable adventurers a pair of lenses that would allow whomever looks through one lens to see from the location of the other lens. Another likely connection is with village elders, who are a Bergtroll couple named Wruno and Phloe. The typical encounter would be meeting one or more Kobalts. Railey the Clever and four other Kobalts move together. The other two Kobalts are taking shifts guarding the captives or gathering food and firewood. Whether the Kobalts are met on a road or at thier hideout depends on if the hero tries to search the area around the village, pretend to be a traveler, ask someone to pose as a traveler while using the lenses to watch from a distance, etc.

Pin #2 - A magical patch of carrots that, if eaten, become your favorite food. A two-headed Barrower and its siblings are here. They are mercenaries, distracted from their current assignment by the transmogified food. They will fight to defend the carrots.

Pin #3 - A snag flying squirrel, the lost child of a Therion family in the village.

Pin #4 - This bigbeast spider is aggressive during the day but at night seeks conversation and news. It knows about the snag flying squirrel.