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Nine Powers Adventures

The Moonlit Island

A Brief History

Each age of history saw a new type of conflict on the Moonlit Island.

During the Age of Heroes, Achiever, Yarnspinner, and Little Humble worked together to provide heroic challenges to the Dweorgs and Kobalts who lived on the island's coasts. Bigbeast lizards and spiders were created on the island's northern mountains as a threat to manage. Three witches were tasked with restraining where these bigbeasts roamed, barely intelligent, and well-fed. Mysterious bugaboos could empower the bigbeasts and the heroic people who hunted them.

Then something happened to the witches and bugaboos. Without oversight, the spiders and lizards became too smart and traveled far in search of food. Monsters normally cannot reproduce, but these somehow did. The Dweorgs and Kobalts fled to the south of the island.

During the Age of Escapades Maw Lute, Speleoth, and Futhorc brought new people to the island to help the Dweorgs and Kobalts reclaim their northern lands. Maw Lute oversaw dragon-riding Bergtrolls. Speleoth taught Barrowers how live underground and breed oozes. Futhorc taught Tuathsith how to manipulate the shadowlands and bargain with purblinds.

With the help of these new allies, the Dweorgs and Kobalts made slow progress at exploring their northern ruins and rebuilding their civilization. Most Dweorgs allied themselves with Achiever and Yarnspinner, and became hunters, lorekeepers, and archaeologists. Most Kobalts allied themselves with Little Humble and became generous and flamboyant barbarians and gangsters.

During the Age of Intrigue, Gnash and Frosty Kostkey had a competition to establish Ogres or Therions as the new dominant race in the island. The Ogres were given vampire allies, and led an undead legion. The Therions were taught to work with the winter-themed army of abominable animals. Remover tried to reduce all this conflict by teaching the Pixies to be diplomats and peace-makers.

Moonlit Island Map