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Nine Powers Stories

For the Slue!

Chapter One: Those Robes are Too Popular

Nameless the Unseemly

Acrobatics/Climb 4

Melee/Press 4

Shoot/Throw 4

Wrestle/Disarm 1

Bargain/Wonder 1

Identify/Lore 4

Intuition/Provoke 1

Stealth/Track 1

Animals/Wilderness 1

Block/Dodge 2

Exit/Escape 3

Perception/Etiquette 3

Alchemy 1

Chemstry 1

Machinery 4

Transmutery 1

Phantasmography 4

The Intuition/Provoke talent rating is 1 as
appropriate to his race, granting fast talking
a +1 bonus and one-hour duration.

The adventure starts from the point of view of my younger son's PC. The character is an orphan, like so many young heroes of fiction. Perhaps it is so difficult for a seven-year-old to imagine being independent of parents that drastic measures are needed.

Nameless is an Unseemly with the the head of a fire ant. He was raised by his grandparents. His parents both died the day after he was born, before he was named. He became a Busker because he thought he would like traveling and making food for poor people. To prepare he studied about people and places, legends and lore. He practiced making illusions, and mixing illusions with his juggling. He also learned to fight because it can be dangerous to travel.

Busking was nice. But Nameless found out he wanted more. He wanted priorities. He wanted guidance. He wanted a mission from Maw Lute. He decided to travel to visit Maw Lute in her lair near Arlinac Town.

On the way to Arlinac Town he met a Dweorg named Chinsay who was also a Busker. They decided to travel together.

Shortly after arriving at Arlinac Town the pair was approached by an Unseemly with the cute head of an otter. "Hey, Buskers!" the stranger said. Nameless and Chinsay were wary of a "Seemly One" but were not sure how to leave politely.

"You two look like Buskers new to town," said the otter-headed Unseemly. "Let me give you a tip. There is going to be a protest this afternoon. Some Bergtrolls have been making life hard for the Unseemly in town. Maybe you want to help out. Maybe you just want a crowd for your busking." He shared the time and location. "See you there!"

Chinsay did not trust Seemly Ones at all. But when he asked other townsfolk the story checked out.