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Seven Flour Bread

We recently purchased a Breadman TR2500BC bread machine. It seemed to have the most positive reviews for making gluten-free bread. Here is our usual bread recipe, which works great!

Each loaf weighs 2.2 pounds. How we shop (see below) the total ingredient cost per loaf is $4.76.

In the bread machine pan combine:

Optional: stir by hand, then allow the yeast to proof for about 5 minutes, until it is quite foamy. (This might yield a more open crumb, although differences in humidity have made our tests unreliable.)

Then add:

Use a program cycle that does Knead 1 for 3 minutes, Kead 2 for 15 minutes, Rise for 25 minutes, and Bake for 70 minutes.

Find the rounding error below, where someone tried to round 478.3469 to different place values.

At CostCo we buy sugar ($4.99 for 10 pounds), yeast (? for 2 pounds), organic extra virgin olive oil ($13 for 67.6 fluid ounces), eggs ($4.29 for 18 eggs), and almond meal ($15 for 3 pounds).

At Trader Joe's we buy flaxseed meal ($2.50 for 1 pound).

At Market of Choice we buy xanthan gum ($12.50 for 8 ounces).

At Azure Standard we buy 25-pound bags of quinoa ($80), amaranth ($53), and sorghum ($26.50), which we grind into flour with our stand mixer attachment. From Azure Standard we also buy brown rice flour ($44 for 25 pouns) and tapioca flour ($2.95 for 1 pound).