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This Norwegian rolled cookie is a family tradition! However, we make cylindrical rolls instead of the more traditional cone shape.

Preheat the krumkake iron (a small, round cast iron press) on a small stove burner a little above medium low.

With an electric mixer, beat:

Then continue to beat while adding:

Finally, add while mixing by hand mix until smooth:

If using standard baking flour, sift the flour to make it light and fluffy enough. The large bags of teff and tapioca flour we buy from Azure Standard are already okay.

Drop the batter about a tablespoon at a time into the krumkake iron.

After a couple seconds, flip the iron over. Cook for about 25 seconds. Flip back. Cook again for about 25 seconds.

(An online repeating 25-second timer is available here.)

Remove the cookie from the iron by sliding a knife under its middle, then transferring it to a cutting board. Roll it around a wooden dowel or cone. Press down gently to seal the exterior edge to the roll.

Move the rolled cookie to a cooling rack while still around the wooden dowel or cone. After it has cooled slightly, remove the wooden dowel or cone. (We have two dowels, so one may still be on the cooling rack while the other is being used for the next cookie.)