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Puffy Pancakes

This recipe makes a puffier and more traditional-tasting pancake than the unleavened pancake recipe.

Turn on the stove to medium-low heat, and get a frying pan that heats evenly. (We also make these on the camp stove griddle.)

(If using a mixing bowl instead of a blender, reverse this recipe and prepare the dry mix in advance.)

In a mixing bowl or blender combine the wet ingredients:

Then add the dry ingredients:

Omitting the sugar creates a pancake that does not burn as easily. If you are using syrup or a sweet topping, this is recommended.

Stir or blend well, then make pancakes!

The batter is not very greasy, so the frying pan will need to be sprayed with oil before each pancake. (If using a griddle surface on a grill there is no need to use oil or flip the pancakes.)