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Teff Pancakes (Plain)

This recipe makes enough for two people (or one hungy person eating a meal of only pancakes). We normally make our Tropical Pancakes, but now and then run out of coconut milk and go back to these.

Turn on the stove to medium heat, and get a frying pan that heats evenly. (Medium-low heat is sufficient with a cast iron skillet.)

Get out chocolate chips, berries, chopped nuts or whatever other tidbits you drop into poured pancakes.

In a blender make the batter:

Blend well. Then make and enjoy your pancakes!

Note that this recipe contains neither gluten nor leavening, and thus fits Sephardic customs for Passover food.

(Teff flour and heavy cream blend to a consistency that makes a thick, puffy pancake without leavening. Other flours may need baking powder.)