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Vanilla Ice Cream

Most ice cream recipes use whole milk. Since my family only has skim milk in the fridge this recipe makes up the fat with extra heavy cream.

In a medium saucepan combine:

While the pan is heating, prepare and beat 3 egg yolks.

After the pan has simmered 1 minute, add the egg yolks "back-and-forth" style so you don't get egg drop soup. (That is, pour some of the hot liquid into the egg first to warm it, since cold eggs poured into hot liquid usually solidify.)

Cook the mixture for 2 minutes.

Then add:

The brand of vanilla you use is important. Most vanilla extract is in an alcohol base, which gives the ice cream a funny aftertaste. If you can find vanilla without alcohol (for example, at Trader Joe's) it is well worth it.

Stir. Remove from heat. Put in the fridge so it cools enough that your ice cream maker can do its work.

Makes 1 quart.