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Blender Waffles (Plain)

This is our quick, easy, and health waffle recipe for most mornings we make waffles. The blender does all of the work!

(Our Belgian Waffles are yummier, but most mornings we are too lazy to deal with egg whites.)

Turn on the waffle iron. If desired for keeping waffles warm, preheat oven to 275° and put a baking sheet or cookie rack inside.

In a blender, put the wet ingredients:

Then add the dry ingredients on top, and blend:

(The tapioca flour helps make waffles with crispy outsides and soft insiders. A healthier flour can be used if nutrition is valued more than texture.)

Note: for the best waffles, blend the batter again before each time you pour it; this ensures that each set of waffles rises the same amount.

How much to pour from the blender into the waffle iron will require a little experimentation. (For example, with our waffle iron we pour into the middle of each waffle shape and stop once the batter fills every groove but the outer edges of the corner squares.)

Cook waffles for 5-7 minutes each. Trust a timer or when the steam dwindles away, not the waffle iron lights.