David and Pop-Pop's Europe Trip
Before We Leave

I am at the airport, eating a candy bar. This isn't the most flattering picture of me. The candy bar wasn't so great, either.

Neither Pop-Pop nor I are the types who try to get to the front of the line when people begin boarding. It is more pleasant to sit at the gate and eat than to stand in line for the priviledge of a few extra minutes in a tiny airline seat.

Diary--June 25th, 1994

The flight from Los Angeles to London was very nice. Pop-Pop and I had aisle seats across from each other, and talked occasionally but where often only next to each other. On our plane, a Virgin Atlantic 747, all the seats had tiny televisions in the backs, with two channels showing (each) three movies as well as a music video channel, a comedy channel, and others. I had a fantasy novel and a book of Spanish stories, and with the television that was plenty to do. My neighbors were two girls, just graduated from college, on their way to meet three other friends and backpack through Europe. We talked a bit, compared lack of plans, I beat them at Yatzee (being a math major has some practical use after all), and had a shoulder to fall asleep on. Pop-Pop spent most of his time sleeping, watching television, or walking. Our luggage arrived where we did, and tour people took us to our hotel.