David and Pop-Pop's Europe Trip
Brussels, Belgium

I'm only doing one page for Germany, and then one for Brussels. The two days we were in these countries went by very quickly, with mostly driving.

At one stop in Belgium we saw two interesting buildings. The first was the Bastogne monument.

The second was the Atominum.

That night two picture-worthy things happened. First, from our hotel window I noticed that Brussels at night has lights that were the best since Paris.

The second was that, for the first time, a hotel maid not only made the bed but arranged Cerebus carefully upon it.

Not a part of Brussels, but before we joined Bubba and Mom in England, is this picture of friends Pop-Pop and I made on the trip, Joyce and Beres.

Diary--July 16th, 1994

The Gran Platz in Brussels is like the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Pop-Pop and I visited his favorite Italian place here for dinner. We also saw painters, musicians, and a remarkable staute-mime, walked the surrounding streets of restaurants with their tremendous displays of fruits, fish, shark, and one monster of a fish I couldn't identify. Eventually we found a true Belgian waffle, which are sweet and eaten plain and warmed.

The newly restored cathedral here is gothic, but as in Switzerland with large paintings hung on the walls and many statues. But again there are gothic frills and unique gargoyles. New at this cathedral is very detailed stained glass work, which must be painted: texture of stone walls and wooden doors in the background and the exture of hair. The upper windows were simple, and the altar and organ new and also comparatively plain. While all the cathedrals are still used, this was the first time a service was in progress while I was there. The choir was very nice to hear as we looked around.

The city guilds have large flags on their buildings in the Gran Platz, and often the building tops are decorated or scultpures decorate the front of these thin buildings forming a continuous wall. The guild influence was missing in the cathedral, but we did walk past a park whose fence was between columns whose tops boasted statues of all the different professions, from sailor to violinist.

By now I've written over fifty postcards. It is a good think to bring all my friends with me as I travel.

And the shower here is forceful finally, make my back happier.

I continued my habit of climbing things for the view at a monument in Bastogne remembering the Battle of the Bulge, but the view was not that impressive and (I was told) a lot like parts of New Zealand.

Diary--July 17th, 1994

For morning stop we visited Veurne, which had a flea market, excellent chocolate shop, and a curious cathedral. The cathedral, empty on a Sunday morning, was all brick so it lacked the statue-work and its paintings were hung on the walls. The stained glass was painted-detailed, although to a lesser extent than in Brussels.

The bus driver Andre is from Belgium, but he was unpracticed at philosophical discussions and so I have no answer to the Belgian solution to the fundamental problem. The architecture and food of Brussels was a mixing and blend of all the other nations of Europe, along with Belgian two-story brick buildings with tile roofs. My guess is their solution is a similar mix.

And Andre announced our total mileage was just over eight thousand kilometers.