David and Pop-Pop's Europe Trip

I'm only doing one page for Germany, and then one for Brussels. The two days we were in these countries went by very quickly, with mostly driving.

Germany was interesting in how people had built on hillsides. For example, Heidelburg Castle used its surrounding hills well.

You can see what I'm talking about better with this picture of a different castle, taken from the Rhine. Notice the terracing and farmland and walls.

Diary--July 15th, 1994

Today we drove to northwest Germany, through wine country, along the Rhine. We actually left the bus to sail down the river for a span. Germany so far is lushly green - the forests have that chest-high level of vegetation Europe so far has lacked, as well as much vines and moss. After dinner we walked around a park beside the hotel, seeing and smelling beautiful flowers.

At a lunch stop today we bought fruit at a small market-store where you selected the fruit, put it in a bag if you wished, then weighed it by placing the fruit on an electronic scale, entering a two-digit code to identify the fruit, and then receiving a sticker price tag to put on the fruit or its plastic bag. I had to learn how to eat grapes with seeds.

Germany returns us to gothic cathedrals; as in Switzerland they have many statues. In one town the cobblestone streets had old guild signs coloroed-stoned in, and these same heraldic devices appeared at the bottom of the cathedral's stained glass windows; sponsors, I guess. At this stop I had a sandwhich (one of the "I don't speak German but I can point to order one of what he just had") with a thick slick of mystery meat on a soft roll. It was surprisingly good. Germany, like Astria, has people with marionettes and tape players put on "musical performances" as the puppets play piano or violin; an interesting contrast to New Orleans, where all the people earning money at the sidewalks had such talent (adults played instruments, children tap-danced with tacks in their sneakers).