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Stories Dictated by Gallant

EA Minecraft Comedy

Gallant is five. When using his tablet he mostly plays Minecraft PE. But he has seen his older brother play Knights of Pen and Paper, in which the adventurers pick which attack to use each turn of combat. Gallant put ideas from both games together to answer the question, "Why don't Minecraft monsters cast a fireball spell?"

told to Daddy on Agust 23rd, 2016

The adventurers walk into a big forest. And then, suddenly, noises came closer. There were monsters!

But the monsters did not know which direction to go. But the monsters went the right way. And they snuck up on the adventurers.

But then, suddenly, the adventurers find the monsters. And they fight them.

But the monsters are confused what to do. Either retreat or fight. They choose fight.

And then they use the wrong attack. It is a good guy attack. But it actually hits the monsters. They kill themselves!

But there are actually backup monsters. But then the monsters use the wrong attack again! And they totally die.

And then all the adventurers have to do is get rid of the spawners. They take out the spawners. But the adventurers needed backup. And they successfully did it with no damage.