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Stories Dictated by Smiley

Eliyahoo and the Bears

told to Daddy on December 5th, 2012

One day Eliyahoo was with his friends, the bears. They were hunting for robbers. So they have heard that the thieves were heading towards the west in the high mountains. So up into the high mountains they went.

They spied on a genie robber. The little hero drawed his sword out, and it was a magic sword. The bears were Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, and a silly Tree Monster Bear. That bear made lots of spears stick out of him and when he ran all the spears shot out, and it got all the robbers at the same time. But some of the robbers had ran away. He made lots more stick out of him but not shoot out. Then they kept hunting.

They saw more genie robbers and more of the thirty thieves. They saw a tree with a hole in the middle of it, and the robbers were stuffing someone into it. So they all charged. But the spears shoot out and nailed some of them to the tree. But they looked like good guys and the tree gobbled them up and put them undergound. (There are pipes in this tree. The other story of the thirty thieves did not have pipes. But this tree had little pipes that would squeeze people through.) All of the rest of the robbers disappeared. They captured some good guys and as they put their arms in the tree, the tree grabbed them and pulled them in. They were stuck underground too.

And they hunted for more. They heard of the mountain villagers that had a problem. Up into the high mountains they went. They live on the other side of the high mountains. And they found out that when they were up into the valley where the mountains were that the bear who can make spears said, "Look!" And down below they saw the problem. The villagers have trouble. So they went down to see what the trouble was. Then they saw what the trouble was: there was a big genie robber and more of the thirty thieves. Then they saw Digging Bear tied up. And Digging Bear dug a hole. And then they went through the hole and they saw some of the thieves were tying up a queen and the Leopard Bear. And the bear made spears shoot out at those robbers and they got nailed into the walls. But then they saw that they were trapped. But the bear who could make spears stick out knew what to do. And he made spears stick out and shoot, and it broke the chains that were holding people under that hole. And those chains broke. Some of them them stuck. One glittered, it was sparkly like a sparkle-berry. And it fell out and there appeared a tunnel.

And they went through the tunnel, always making sure no robbers of thieves or jails were in that tunnel. And when they came out they were outside. And the thieves spied on them. But only the bear that could make spears shoot out saw the thieves. He made spears shoot out everywhere and one broke through the windows. And that one was a flaming spear, and then it fell over and flip-flopped and there appeared a doorway. And they went through. And then it sealed up and disappeared. And they were back in the western coast.

And in that coast they found unexpected surprise: the villagers were there. And the villagers told them that the Princess of Shalomia had been captured. (Chanukah was called Shalomia where they are now. So the family that lives there celebrates Chanukah.) And the bad guys also put a straight stinging thing in her--they had to get that out. And they also took a bone out. It was a very delicate operation for taking out that bone and putting in that whisker. It is a stinging whisker: they put stinging stuff on that whisker. And she was up in the west coast.

So up into the west coast they went. Before they got to the west coast they saw the cave the robbers lived in. They went in and then they found the princess. Then they killed the bad guys. Then they took out that whisker and put in the bone, but first they cleaned off the stinging stuff the bad guys had put on. So it was just for decoration. Then they put the bone back in with a pair of tweezers. And the end. The next chapter of it is where they go to rescue more people. There are more people that they rescue but that's the next chapter. (This one has chapters like Prince Caspian.)