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Stories Dictated by Smiley

Magalene and Soccer

told to Daddy on September 23rd, 2013

Once Magalene wanted to play soccer and she didn't follow the rules. Instead, she hit the ball with the bat and then she ran over to the field where you are getting your prizes for the soccer contest. And she snuck behind the person and went to the shelf where he kept some prizes. He was watching the people playing soccer, because he was the judge also. And she took one prize: a medal. And she said, "Ha ha! I win."

And he said, "Magalene, you are not supposed to take a medal. You didn't win yet."

And another boy hit it. He did the right thing. He was so good that he scored one hundred points out of that. And one hundred points was enough to win. (This was the kind of soccer without teams.) He won the medal that Magalene was holding; it had a number one on it. And he also won a litte cup made out of those glass pebbles. In the cup was a pebble with the number one on it.

And Magalene tried to take the cup. And also the judge said, "Magalene, you are not supposed to take the prizes!" And the judge stopped her. And she got sent home.

And another boy got one hundred and two. He won second prize. It was a medal with a number two on it, and a cup with a pebble with a number two on it.

At home, Magalene's punishment for doing it was she had to rake (because it was fall—the contest was in the fall) she had to rake up all the leaves in the whole yard: the front yard and the back yard.

And the next day there was a different contest that the same judge runned [ran]. And Magalene did not get to go to this contest. And she was only an attendant watching.

While they were eating popcorn, Magalene snuck off of her chair, and she managed to get through lots of people without being seen. And she also managed to get into where the players were practicing without being seen. (This was a practicing contest.) And she managed to get to where the prizes were and she got one of the medals and snuck back to where she was. She found a stairway up and took the medal secret[ly] in her pocket.

But it stuck out and people realized. And the judge was the second one to realize, because the first one that had realized was helping the judge realize if people were jumping down and sneaking and getting the prizes and she set off an alarm. And the judge knew what the alarm meant and he got the prize (it was prize one) and he had an extra prize one in case the others got stolen and the alarm didn't come on.

So Magalene had to be up where the alarm was in a little place where she didn't know how to get down. Then she realized she could sneakily jump down because there was a little stop sign. But she ignored it and went past. But there was a little part of the wall that had broken off but was not as big as the stop sign. And she managed to climb through there. And she went past the alarm people, which [who] didn't know it.

And then as the alarm people realized that she was not in her seat in the audience they put on a different kind of alarm which meant that someone had jumped down. And that alarm made someone come and look for where she was falling and he would catch her.

And when they caught her they made her be on the highest [place] by the alarm people. There was an alarm control. She was sitting there next to it. And there was an alarm person who helped put on the alarm—there was more than one in case someone. Okay, this is the end. Now can you read it?