Probability Casino Game

This casino game is played in rounds. Each round the player antes $20. Then the player repeatedly rolls a six-sided die. If the player rolls a 1 through 5, he or she gains that many dollars. If the player rolls a six the round ends with no more gain.

As one additional rule, if the player's first roll is a six then he or she may reroll until a six does not happen for the first roll. The game is more fun if you always earn something, even if you do not regain your ante.

The game can be made competitive with no change to the casino's profit. Simply have four players at the table, who agree that each round the player with the highest gain gets to take the gains from everyone at the table. On average, each player will then take four times as much, but only one-fourth as often.

Reload this page to simulate 1,000 rounds. The casino eventually makes an average profit of about $2 per round. If the casino needed more profit, it could increase the ante amount.