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Picture Poems

To My Wife (Chanukah 2001)

For this Picture Poems I expanded a poem I had written in high school named "To Scholars".

We pray there might be magic
We strive to find the light
We give ourselves to wonder
We revel in our fright
We yearn to be enchanted
We search for the above
We claim to value knowledge
But it's mystery we love

You'd like there to be magic:
Good mystery you love.
You strive to research answers
With prayers to God above.

You give yourself to wonder
Though knowledge is your goal.
Romance helps keep you going,
Your faith helps keep you whole.

You appreciate affection
But for hours work with cells.
I hope my being faithful
Helps you cope with fickle gels.

I'm glad you love your God and spouse
And work, and time at rest,
And books and fish and many friends
That keep you at your best.