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Older Poems

Wedding Wishes

When my friend Debbie got married I composed the first two of these short poems for inside the card I gave them. I have since reused the second poem in many wedding cards (the first poem I never liked enough to reuse) and written the third.

When you look back years from now
May you feel this joy still!
Others are wishing that your love will stay pure,
So I instead pray that this joy will endure...

May no argument last longer than a look in her eyes;
May no fear be more pressing than how he holds your hands;
May thankfulness sanctify each of your good-byes;
While apart, may you draw joy from your wedding bands;
May the "You're back!" hugs need caution that you won't oversqueeze;
May the joy of today outlast mountains and seas!

Years from now, when you look back
Upon your wedding bliss
May love and joy be undimin'shd
From your first married kiss.
May God who gives your love and ways
Renew the love between you two
Each day, so pure and strong it stays—
Ever aging, ever new.