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Quinoa Porridge

I have always loved oatmeal for breakfast on cold Winter mornings. But most oatmeal is not gluten-free (because of railroad car contamination, not anything about oats). So I was thrilled when my wife discovered that quinoa makes a porridge every bit as nice as oatmeal.

This recipe requires about half an hour of cooking time, and the porridge keeps well in the refrigerator. So this recipe works best for making a week's worth in advance.

As preparation, chop and set aside:

If you wish the texture of chopped nuts instead of nut meal, then also chop 1/2 cup of nuts.

In a medium pot, on medium heat, heat up:

When the oil is warm, add:

Cook for six minutes, stirring well immediately and then stirring occasionally thereafter. The quinoa will start crackling after about four minutes. At six minutes some but not many of the grains are fragrantly toasting.

Carefully add:

When adding the water a lot of splattering will happen. I've found that standing back and wiping down the little bit that gets on the stove is less work than dealing with a lid.

Then add:

Stir, cover, and then let cook (still on medium heat) for 20 minutes.