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In 2001 and 2002 I wrote two children's fantasy novels. The first is Windsong. Its sequel is The Sandy Isles.

Stories in the Nine Powers Setting

I have written many short stories using the setting if the Nine Powers role-playing game.

Europe Trip

My college graduation present from my gradnfather was a trip to Europe. Here is my diary.

LCC Stories

I work at Lane Community College. It can be a bit sheltered, like many sites of liberal academia, attractive to people who have never learned to be comfortable with slightly heated disagreements. Now and then the community needs a dose of rhetoric to help folk calm down. I send out an e-mail so people can feel better.

In 2016, as part of my professional evaluation and review, I was asked to write a self-reflection. I suppose it is worth sharing as a "philosophy of education" statement for anyone interested. I also like having the document with my personal professional goals in a location that is visible and easy to get to, so I can easily review it.

Magalene Stories

Magalene ws an imaginary girl whose life was amazingly similar to my kids when they were very young. Her stories help remind my kids about following rules, and help their escapism through adventures with friends, talking animals, pirates, etc.

(Sadly, I have only had time to type one of the hundreds that I have told them. Some day...)