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Holding, Blending, Dancing

For many years when a friend was married I wrote Robert Frost's Never Again Would Bird's Song Be the Same in the card because of how well that poem exemplifies feminine virtue and love.

All those years I wanted a matching poem for masculine virtue and love but could not find one. I am not Robert Frost, yet this English sonnet is my humble attempt. While attending the wedding of Nathen Lester I was inspired by his example of strength and caring.

Watching him sleep, she thought, "With him rest is
More friendly. And though I am strong and brave
My well of fortitude is water; his
Strength is ice cream with sprinkles that I crave
Even on cool days. Now wisdom is wine
We drink together while laughing, worries
Are trail heads where I see his boots by mine,
And peace—oh my—like unseen snow flurries
Peace swirls around him: his nature and life
Opens others' eyes to those sources of
Wholeness he uses like a loom. His wife!
As I know him more I learn about love."
Then she closes her eyes, her contentment
Like clouds and sky mixed in the firmament.