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Picture Poems

December Weather

Rochester weather is quite often fickle.
But in this past week it was truly strange.
Tuesday had once within one start'ling hour
Snow and then sun and then hail and then rain.

Surely the seasons do teach us of cycles,
Yet I'm made nervous by this weather's ploys;
What does it teach us but "Nothing is certain"?
Is confusing plants one of God's secret joys?

On Thanksgiving weekend it's too warm for jackets.
Now December sunshine so lavishly cries,
"Justice and mercy are struggling in heaven!"
What did we do to earn Springtime's reprise?

How we want rules and the safety of schedules!
How we like measuring our current state! We
Struggle to pretend the world's a machine although
Even the weather does point out the error.

Nature and Providence have twinkling eyes,
Youthful round cheeks and an ironic grin.
When we see rules we can focus on progress:
On where our walk ends, not with whom we begin.

Thus I am grateful to harvest tomatoes
While watching their vines become snowy like lace.
Knowing that God has his moments of humor
Helps me look forward to seeing his face.