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Older Poems

Something Ere the End

I wrote this poem in high school. At the time I owned three contrasting comic books: Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and The Amazing Spider Man: Hooky. All agree that the world does not make sense, and propose different solutions. Ozymandias claims the proper response is to not make sense either. Batman is compelled to try to force the world to make sense. Spider Man simply tries his best, and coaches his allies to also try their best.

I did not agree with any of these three answers. If the world does not make sense, let it entertain you! But do so with the forewarning that accepting that the world does not make sense can be a bit depressing (the "ugly view") and cause others to say, "Well, he's playing with a full deck but it's shuffled."

Now I am more than twice the age I was when I wrote this poem. The world seems very sensible, largely because I am more accepting of how random life can be. Things that do not fit any pattern, whether freak accidents happening to good people or the existence of the platypus, are not nonsense just because they are improbable. Yet I clearly recall how emotionally significant this theme of "the world does not make sense" was during my high school years.

The world is falling apart
Can I watch the show with you?
Sit back
Avoid the flak
There's nothing we can do

Rome is burning to the ground
Now do as the Romans do
Go mad
And don't be sad
There’s nothing you could do

The world never made any sense
Though I've tried to force it to
I've quit
It's not worth it
There's nothing I could do

Ignore the fact I'm crazy
Here's my advice to you
Dodge strife
And laugh at life
It's all that you can do

Looking at the world too long
Gives a dangerous point of view
Don't see
Try just to be
It's the best thing to do

From high up in the mountains
The world is an ugly view
It's clear
The end draws near
(Please say this is not true)