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Picture Poems

Home With Her—His Story

All the Picture Poems but this pair matched poetry to a photograph. My grandparents were worth extra effort. I knew what I wanted to say to them and painted the watercolor picture to go with the poems. His painting was my effort to paint their house.

To splurge with things lasting eternally: I grew up learning conflicting financial advice. My father's side of the family were ranchers. They saved very little money: better to spend it (and even borrow some) to get more land, more livestock, or better equipment which would thus increase their potential earnings. In contrast, my grandfather survived the Great Depression and viewed savings as virtuous and debt as dangerous. However, one of his teachings was, "Never feel bad about spending money on something you will have forever. So very little of our expenses last all our lives. Most of our money goes to food, clothes, and housing. Now and then splurge. Your dining room table should have a nice vase. Your wife should have nice jewelry."

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But I know better and must disagree:
I've been with her, and I've had to wander,
And I'm most in love when she is with me.
I've labored to earn security and rest;
Both would be hollow if she were not here.
Family is treasured, but she is the best;
For children grow up, but she does grow near.
I've gained and lost much, the years taught me well
To splurge with things lasting eternally.
Thus I sink blissfully into her spell:
What can outlive her kindness and beauty?
I rest in emptiness ‘till she arrives.
Her presence is radiance where my heart thrives.