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Older Poems


I wrote this poem in my senior year of high school while considering my possible future as an academic.

There was once a world with a cloudless sky
Where the trees and mountains did not seem high,
Where there were no kites and no airplanes
And the plants all grew though there was no rain.

There the moon was light and the stars were dreams.
The people smiled. All was as it seems.
They made soft designs with their colored sand
And nothing above them was of their land.

So their life was kind and they were content,
With dreams out of mind in the firmament.
But then someone looked up and saw the sky:
Like glittering sand patterns way up high.

So they learned want, and built an Ivory tower
From which they could gather each bright star.
And they found looking down and all its power
And dreamed of wandering far.

So they learned of goals and they learned of shame
(There is always one more dream to claim)
For there's always higher and there's always more,
And isn't that was life is for?

So enjoy your dreams but beware their power.
One truth is not learned in an Ivory tower.
Do we know what's high? Can we really look down?
When our world is round?