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Picture Poems


There is no order within this collection of Picture Poems; they were originally a bunch of holiday gifts of which no recipient saw all of them (aside from my wife, who watched me prepare them).

But I list this one first because as soon as I saw this photograph I fell in love with it. It inspired me to create a "picture poem" for my wife, and later as Winter holiday presents for family members.

As you read in bed tonight the
Bedstand's small persistent light shines
Brightly through and 'round your glasses
To your cheeks and soft eyelashes
And the graceful fall of your hair
Whose smooth curves largely ignore the
Disarray of rebel tresses
Soft in contrasting whispy messes
Against the ivory sheets whose lace trim
Frames your shoulders and your face in
Elegance and purity. So
While you read your bedtime story
I am thankful for the book that
Holds you still so I may look and
Smile and be inspired; See how
Reading has a certain beauty?