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Pekude (accountings of)

Exodus 38:21 to 40:38, 1 Kings 7:40 to 8:21


In this Parasha, as well as at the end of Leviticus 9, it seems possible that the kavod Adonai is different that God's cloud-like manifestation. But Exodus 16:10 shows that the kavod Adonai can appear as a cloud. Perhaps in Exodus 40:34 the word "Tabernacle" refers (as it can) not to the entire structure but only to the Tent of Meeting, making the verse poetic parallelism instead of contrasting where the kavod Adonai and cloud distinctly are present.

Traditional Jewish Commentary

A traditional story, begun by R'Bechaye, explains the odd wording of verses 38:25-31 is because Moshe made an error when accounting the donations of silver, and had forgotten what had been done with 1,775 shekels of silver. Then God proclaimed in a voice from heaven that from that silver the hooks had been made and no one should suspect Moshe of dishonesty.

R'Bechaye also linkes Isaiah 52:8 ("For eye to eye shall they see when God returns to Zion") with the construction of the Tabernacle. "God said, 'Today I am causing My Presence to rest among you. If you sin, My Presence will leave you. But when Mashiach comes My Presence will remain with you permanently. Now you see the Divine Presence through fire, but with the advent of Mashiach you will see it clearly revealed.'"