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Worship Dances

Bo Ruach Elohim

This dance was choreographed by Leslie Clymer of Rosh Pinah.

The entire dance is done not holding hands and facing RLOD.

Each numbered step takes four beats of music.

  1. {hands raised head-height and rightward, fingers beckon "come" with each R step} Step slightly to the right: R, together with L, R, pause
  2. {hands raised head-height and leftward, fingers beckon "come" with each L step} Step slightly to the left: L, together with R, L, pause
  3. {hands gently drift down to knees and return} Step backward R-L and then forward R, pause
  4. {hands raised} step forward: L, pause, R, pause [alternative: instead of pausing, bend the knee of the leg that just stepped forward]

The dance as described above ends with dancers having their weight on their R foot. So the next time through everything is done as a mirror image, revesing right and left. After the second cycle, the dancers end with their weight on their L foot and are ready to repeat the dance as described above. The dance continues to alternate "handedness" in this way throughout the song.