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Worship Dances

The Classic Hora

All Hora variations are circle dances that start with everyone facing into the center of the circle.

The classic Hora is a very easy dance! It was probably designed so even very drunk men could dance it at a wedding. For the entire dance everyone faces inward, and holds hands with their neighbors.

Each numbered step takes two beats of the music.

  1. Kick with the R foot (pivot at the waist slightly, so you are kicking in front of the L foot)
  2. Kick with the L foot (pivot at the waist slightly, so you are kicking in front of the R foot)
  3. Sidestep with the R foot behind the L foot, sidestep to the L with the L foot.

The classic Hora can also be done moving RLOD, by reversing R and L in the three numbered steps.

Since the basic Hora has six beats per cycle it alternates between being in and out of sync with 4-beat music. This can be an advantage, for if someone is "off" it is barely noticeable.

Sometimes, during the classic Hora, someone "breaks" the circle and leads the resulting line of dancers around the room and then back into a circle. It also works to "break" the circle and then double back to form an outward-facing circle.

Some people do an eight-count variation Hora by repeating step #3 twice. As before, all the R and L can be reversed so the eight-count Hora moves RLOD.