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Worship Dances


The Hallelu was choreographed by Sylvia Yellin. It is often used as a standy for four-beat music when the dance leader is not sure what else to do.

The entire dance is done not holding hands. Hands sway in front of and behind your body during steps 2-4, except for during the three-point turn when hands are held up at eye level.

Each numbered step takes four beats of music.

  1. (facing inward) Tcherkessia
  2. (facing inward) Mayim L (starting with R foot crossing in front of left foot)
  3. (begin facing inward) R foot crosses in front of the left foot, then return weight to L foot in place, then start a three-count turn over right shoulder (spin 360 degrees, clockwise as seen from above, R-L)
  4. (end facing inward) Finish the turn by stepping with your R foot to face into the circle, then "catch yourself" with the L foot crossing in front of the right foot and then returning weight to the R foot in place, then "reset yourself" by stepping with your L foot into a neutral standing position.

A less common variation does two Tcherkessias and no Mayim.