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Worship Dances


This liturgical prayer was put to a catchy tune by Craig Taubman. The corresponding dance was choreographed by Mindy Seta. This dance is tricky but very fun, and useful as a fast Interchangeable.

The entire dance is not holding hands.

Each numbered step takes four beats of music.

Part A (Romemu...)

  1. (facing RLOD) Walk four steps R-L-R-L (the word "Romemu" coincides with the second step)
  2. (facing RLOD) Hop forward onto both feet. Then in one beat hop backwards onto both feet and then quickly hop in place. Then step back with your L leg while leaning back. Then clap.
  3. (facing RLOD) Take two triple steps ("cha cha steps") R-together-R-pause, L-together-L-pause (the lagging foot advances up to the heal of the lead foot)
  4. (facing RLOD) {hold hands as if shading eyes from light from above} Four-count turn over the right shoulder (spin 360 degrees, clockwise as seen from above, R-L-R-L) while stooping [you are shading your eyes from l'har kad'sho, the holy hill]
         [repeat, but the second time end facing inward instead of RLOD]

Part B (Ki, ki, ki, ki...)

  1. (facing inward) Touch R toe forward, to the right, forward, to the right
  2. In triple-step time do galloping sidesteps: R-together-R. Then pivot to face outward while starting the second gallop: L-together-L
  3. (facing outward) Mayim L (starting with R foot crossing in front of left foot)
  4. (facing outward) Catch your weight by crossing R foot in front of left foot and then rocking back onto your L foot (also called a coupé L), sway R, sway L
         [repeat, but reverse "inward" and "outward"]

The only variation I have seen for this dance is that some people omit the "bounce" when hopping backwards in step 2.