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Oakley's Sermons


This poem was composed on February 29, 1908. Oakley had it printed on his greeting cards. It was published in volume 83 of The Christian Advocate.

Help me, dear Lord, to go the second mile,
And kindly go, my foe to win the while;
And if my cheek is struck, or coat is tak'n,
My other cheek be turned, or cloak be giv'n.

If Duty comes to me with fever'd look
And places on my brow a cross forsook;
Contrite, may I not only clasp it there,
But gladly fare with Duty anywhere.

If on my weary life more Work be thrown
That I may seem to bear, or ought to own;
Then let me smile with joy of great content,
My brother's Work, nor mine, nor more lament.

If Thou hast made a deep'ning Love my guest,
Like Thou gavest him upon Thy breast,
Destroy the thought of what I ought to do,
To Love and Thee then make me more than true.

Thy sick and poor, the sin-cursed and unknown,
Whose orbits Thou hast set to cross my own;
The simple gifts they crave, be but a span
To larger help from Thy Samaritan!

Be mine, dear Lord, think not what I must,
But of the Power bequeathed to me in trust.
Be mine, I pray, to go the second mile,
Do better than I need to all the while.