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Religion—Summary Prayerbook

Olah (Ascent)

אדני שפתי תפתח, ופי יגיד תהלתך.
Adonai, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise. (Psalm 51:15)

Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before Adonai who made us. (Psalm 95:6)

How precious is your loving kindness, O God!
We take refuge under the protection of thy sheltering care. (Psalm 36:8)

ברכו את־יי המברך! ברוך יי המברך לעולם ועד!
Bless Adonai, the blessed one! Bless Adonai, the blessed one, forever and ever!

שמע ישראל יי אלהינו יי אחד. ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד.
Hear O Israel, Adonai is your God, Adonai is one.
Blessed is the name of his glorious Kingdom forever and ever!

1. Blessed are you, Adonai, shield of Abraham.
2. Blessed are you, Adonai, who gives life to the dead.
3. Blessed are you, Adonai, the holy God.
4. Blessed are you, Adonai, who graciously gives knowledge.
5. Blessed are you, Adonai, who desires repentance.
6. Blessed are you, Adonai, who abundantly pardons.
7. Blessed are you, Adonai, redeemer of Israel.
8. Blessed are you, Adonai, who heals the sick among your people.
9. Blessed are you, Adonai, who blesses the years.
10. Blessed are you, Adonai, who restores the dispersed of your people, Israel.
11. Blessed are you, Adonai, king who loves mercy and justice.
12. Blessed are you, Adonai, who breaks the adversary and humbles the arrogant.
13. Blessed are you, Adonai, who is a stay and support for the righteous.
14. Blessed are you, Adonai, builder of Jerusalem.
15. Blessed are you, Adonai, who causes the rising of salvation.
16. Blessed are you, Adonai, who hears our prayers.
17. Blessed are you, Adonai, who returns your divine Presence to Zion.
18. Blessed are you, Adonai, whose name is good and who deserves praises.
19. Blessed are you, Adonai, who blesses your people with peace.

Minchah (Gift)

יהיו לרצון, אמרי־פי, והגיון לבי, לפניך, יי, צורי וגאלי.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable before you, Adonai, my rock, and my redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)

Listen, Adonai, and hear me, for I am poor and needy. (Psalm 86:1)

Hear, Adonai, when I cry with my voice. Have mercy on me and answer me. (Psalm 27:7)

Teach me your way, Adonai, and I will walk in your truth.
Make my heart undivided in fearing your name. (Psalm 86:11)

Please, Adonai, continue to show your loving kindness to those who know you,
and impart your righteousness into those who are upright in heart. (Psalm 125:4)

Chattat and Asham (Atonement for Offenses and Reparation for Guilt)

השיבנו יי אליך, ונשובה, חדש ימינו כקדם.
Return us, Adonai, to you, and we shall return. Renew us, as in the past. (Lamentations 5:21)

I trust in you—please let me hear your kindness in the morning.
I lift my soul up to you—please let me know the way in which I should walk.
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God and your Spirit is good. (from Psalm 143)

Have mercy on me, God, according to your loving kindness.
According to the multitude of your tender mercies, blot out my transgressions,
hide your face from my sins, and blot out all of my iniquities.
Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a right spirit within me. (from Psalm 52)

יי חנני, רפאה נפשי, כי (אני) חטאתי.
Adonai, be merciful to me, heal my soul, as I have sinned. (from Psalm 41:5)

If there is for him an angel, a mediator, one among a thousand, to vouch for the man's uprightness then God is gracious to him and says, "Redeem him from going down to the pit. I have found a ransom." His flesh becomes fresher than a child's. He returns to the days of his youth. (Job 33:23-25)

So he became their Savior. In all their troubles he was troubled. Then the Angel of his Presence saved them; in his love and mercy he redeemed them. (from Isaiah 63:8-9)

Sh'lamim (Peace Meal)

ברוך אתה יי אלהינו מלך הולם, אשר קדשנו בדברך
ונתן לנו את ישועה משיחינו, וצונו להיות אור לעולם.
Blessed are you, Adonai our God, King of the universe, who has set us apart in your word
and given us Yeshua our Messiah, and commanded us to be light to the world.

Your faithful will speak of your Kingdom's glory, and talk of your power—
to make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, the glory of the majesty of his Kingdom.
Your kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. Your rule is in all generations. (from Psalm 145)

Our Father in heaven, may your name be holy.
May your Kingdom come, make your will as it is in heaven be thus on earth.
Give us the bread decreed for us today, and forgive us our debt as we also forgive our debtors.
And bring us not to know temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
For yours is [the kingdom and] the power and the glory forever.

ברוך אתה יי, אלהינו מלך הולם, נותן את מח־ייו לנפשתינו.
Blessed are you, Adonai our God, King of the Universe, who gives his sustenance to our souls.

We give thanks, our Father, for the life and the knowledge which you have made known to us
through Yeshua your servant. To you be the glory forever.

ברוך אתה יי, אלהינו, מלך הולם, אשר קדשנו במיצותיו וצונו לעסק בדברי תורה.
Blessed are you, Adonai our God, King of the universe, who has set us apart with his commandments
and commanded us to engage in words of Torah.

יברכך יי וישמרך. יאר יי פניו אלך ויחנך. ישא יי פניו אליך וישם לך שלום.
May Adonai bless you and keep you.
May Adonai make his face shine upon you and show you his favor.
May Adonai lift up his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)