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Links for Smiley and Gallant

Gallant and Smiley


SeeSaw, DreamBox, and ReadWorks, Edgewood Links

Drawing Tutorials

Gmail, Documents, Slides, and Classroom

Padlet, School Mail, Sight Reading Factory, and Flip Grid (book talks)

Smiley's YouTube Channel and Gallant's YouTube Channel

NAAG Videos

School Grades

Khan Academy

Science Online

Arboretum Online

weather weather and air quality


WoW Toon Llion and BfA Flying Progress

Lego Stuff

The JackHammer

Lego Designers

Brickadillo Lego Speed Builds from 2014 and 2015

Artiflex Lego Builds of architecture, city, vehicles, Star Wars, Jurassic World, and nexo knights


Miracle of Science

Adventures of Superhero Girl

Daisy Owl


Count Your Sheep

J L 8

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo



Minecraft Epic Journey Story, Minecraft Hobbit-Hole Story and Minecraft Singleplayer Bedrock Edition by JackFrostMiner

Survival Lets Play by iDeactivateMC

Hardcore Survival Lets Play by Kotie

Minecraft Hardcore Challenges by StinaRose and Aletha Prime

Fun Facts by Skip the Tutorial

Fun Minecraft Facts by MagmaMusen

Build School and Building with Grian by Grian

Minecraft Binge by ImNotaCasualty

Minecraft by Wisp

Blizzard Games

Starcrafts (cartoons about Starcraft)

All CarbotAnimations

Husky's Bronze League Heroes

Lowko Casting

Heroes of the Dorm and Heroes of the Storm Guides

Supercell Games

Clash-O-Rama (cartoons about Clash of Clans)

Let's Play Clash of Clans by Flammy

Let's Play Clash of Clans by Chief Pat

Clash of Clans TV spot concatenation

Clash Royale with Ash

Other Games

Bloon TD5 Impoppables, Masteries, and Randoms by Superjombombo2 (Tutorials 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Let's Ghost Thief One and Iron Thief Challenge by Travis

Let's Ghost Thief Two by Travis

Prince of Persia One

Prince of Persia Two

Frogatto Game

Mana Cave by BrainPulp

Other Videos

Simon's Cat

Marble Runs

Lockpicking Lawyer

Inspector Gadget

Shaun the Sheep


PBS Kids Games and Videos (with Thomas and Curious George, Dinosaur Train and Martha Speaks, and Mr. Rogers)


Classic Electric Company on Amazon Prime Video

Old Links

Reading/Spelling Practice

Hebrew Vocabulary Practice

Arithmetic Worksheets: easy and hard

IXL Math

Smiley's 5th Grade Casino Game

Smiley Tries Blogging

Cartoon Hebrew


Kindergarten Computers at ABC Ya

Listening Games

ABC Games

Library Story Time

Sesame Street ABC Song

Sesame Street Games and Videos

Green Eggs and Ham


Aquarium Webcams at Newport and Monterey and Atlanta


Half-Ounce Silver