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In 2001 and 2002 I wrote two children's fantasy novels. The first is Windsong. Its sequel is The Sandy Isles.

Arlinac Town Stories

Arlinac Town is the setting of Nine Powers, my dicelss, two-player role-playing game. Its setting was designed to be conducive to short stories for children.

The rules to the role-playing game are written for adults. But the stories are easy for young children to read.

Magalene Stories

Magalene is an imaginary girl whose life is amazingly similar to my older son's. Her stories help remind my son about following rules, and help his escapism through adventures with friends, talking animals, pirates.

(Sadly, I have only had time to type one of the hundreds that I have told Smiley. Some day...)

Stories Dictated by Smiley

Smiley sometimes asks me to type the stories he wants to tell.